Commercial 59kW Solar PV System

General Information

Site Address: 1927 Pittwater Road, Bayview NSW 2108
Type: Apartment
Daily Electricity Consumption: 600kWh

Project Details

  • A 59 kW PV system with 158 x Risen 370W modules and 2 x Fronius Symo 15kW and 2 x Fronius Symo 10kW inverter.
  • For the unit to be able to enjoy the benefits of Solar System, Allume solshare device is also installed. The Solshare unit will be helping 22 apartment units and common area to reduce their monthly bills.
  • Reduced daily electrical load by 35%

Our Solution

  • It is a multi-unit apartment complex located in Bayview. The committee wants to reduce the electricity monthly bill for the common area and most of the units.


Estimated Annual Savings

CO2e Reduction  (p.a)
68.9 Tons

7.6 Years

Electricity Consumption Reduction (kWh.)