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Batteries & Energy Storage

Optimised battery and energy storage solutions

The battery and energy storage markets are growing rapidly. Fueled by increases in utility rates and recent technological advances, Australia is fast becoming a hot market for energy storage suppliers.

Atlas Renewables is at the forefront of liaising with new and existing energy storage suppliers to ensure our customers are aware of the options available and have access to cost-effective solutions that meet their needs.

Atlas Renewables also works with a variety of commercial-scale battery suppliers offering viable alternatives to other expensive fuel sources such as LPG and Diesel.

Battery Optimisation

As the take-up of battery technology increases, an optimised approach is required. Currently, several issues hinder the take-up of batteries as a mainstream solution, particularly in the commercial sector. These include:

  • How does a business calculate potential savings/return on investment?
  • What size/technology is the best?
  • Is it feasible now or should we wait for costs to fall further?
  • It is worth getting consultants involved?
  • Can installers or manufacturers offer truly independent advice?

Atlas Renewables has the answer!

In Partnership with Green Trading Systems, Atlas Renewables is proud to offer our customers an optimised solution via the GET optimisation software.

This process ensures our clients enjoy:

  • Full transparency of the solution being offered
  • Access to ‘What-If’ modelling
  • Confidence in energy saving projections
  • Reduced investment risks

Our UNSW graduate engineers have been fully trained to size commercial and utility-scale grid connect, hybrid and stand-alone solar PV systems, and have extensive industry experience.

Atlas Renewables is a Registered Agent approved by the Clean Energy Regulator to create and trade both STC’s and LGC’s offering our clients’ a turn-key solution.

If your business spends over 20% on ‘demand’ charges, contact us now to find out how the latest battery technology can help you.

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