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Solar Solutions

Commercial and domestic Renewable Energy integration with modern financing options.

Atlas Renewables offers commercial and domestic solar integrations, as well as Power Purchase Agreements.

Go solar for $0 upfront.

We offer competitive, long-term and low-risk solar Power Purchase Agreements(PPA’s) to our customers. Our team of experts provides comprehensive design, installation and maintenance services.

Benefits of Solar PPA’s:

  • Pay $0 upfront
  • Inexpensive and predictable long-term electricity tariffs below retail rates
  • Expert system monitoring and maintenance included at no cost to the client
  • Reduce Green House Gas Emissions and Support Renewable Energy
  • Improve your building sustainability KPI’s
  • Own the system at the end of the PPA term
  • Early buy-out option available

How a Power Purchase Agreement Works:

A solar power purchase agreement (PPA) is a financial agreement between a solar developer who generates electricity (Seller) and a customer wishing to purchase electricity (Buyer).

The procurement of solar via a PPA energy plan allows your business to purchase ‘green power’ without the costs of ownership and is modelled to provide a lower price than what you would otherwise be paying for mains power. As PPAs remove the upfront capital cost of solar it is an effective approach to save money and provides an easier path for a business to install larger systems and reach carbon offset targets.

Solar purchased in a PPA is cheaper than the grid…you can watch your costs go down.

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