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Solar for Strata Buildings

Residential Strata Buildings are a focus area for Atlas Renewables.

Identifying renewable energy and energy-efficiency opportunities within strata buildings is a practice that we have been involved in for some time.

Challenges that are facing strata buildings is preceded by most renewable energy companies focusing their efforts on the ‘low-hanging fruit’…meaning commercial businesses, industrial businesses, and main stream businesses seeking help are typically dealing with one decision maker, which means the residential strata space gets left behind.

However, providing renewable energy to strata buildings faces challenges that range from the initial decision-making process to receiving the final go-ahead.

Due to the corporate structure, decision-making is often delayed and poses challenges regarding implementation. These strata buildings are usually multi-residential buildings, governed by consumer laws that pose additional complexities and risks for vendors to understand and navigate, including residential building codes and consumer rights.

The projects are also more complicated to implement, and they’re more costly…what we’ve been working on over the last four or five years is how to provide residents living within strata title dwellings access to solar and the associated savings.

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