Pastry R Us – 54.8kW & 26.4kW Solar PV

General Information

Site Address: 1044/1046 Canley Vale Rd, Wetherill Park NSW 2164
Type: Commercial
Daily Electricity Consumption: Combined total of 700kWh

Project Details

  • Pastry R Us are a leading pastry and desert wholesaler. Their success has led to an increasing electrical load and high electricity bills
  • Recently, the peak load on their local transformer has created tripping issues during summer peaks

Our Solution

  • Installed a 54.8kW system for Unit 1 and 26.4kW system for Unit 2
  • Onsite generation allows loads to bypass trip-prone grid connection, thus improving site electricity supply reliability


Estimated Annual Savings

CO2e Reduction  (p.a)
120 Tons

2.5 Years

Electricity Consumption Reduction (p.a.)
132 MWh