Bowden St Meadowbank – 35kW Rooftop PV

General Information

Site Address: 133-137 Bowden St, Meadowbank NSW 2114
Type: Strata / Apartments
Number of Units: 58

Site Description

  • 21m, 8 storey apartment building with a common areal load including hallway lights, air conditioning, and two elevators.
  • Arc Energy are the embedded network operator, and have commissioned the solar PV system to reduce their operating costs and the energy costs to their tenants
  • Sacco Developments, a premium developer ensured Solar PV was included as part of the project development specification

Our Solution

  • We liaised with the site builders to install a 35 kW Solar PV System, consisting of 109 x 320W poly panels
  • Fully structurally certified design, taking into account wind loading and effects of corrosion from the ocean as well as OH&S Issues and construction considerations


Estimated Annual Savings

CO2e Reduction Equivalent (p.a)
37.1 Tons

3.6 Years

Electricity Consumption Reduction (p.a.)