City West Housing

General Information

Client: City West Housing
Duration: 5 months

This five site Allume SolShare project for community housing included design and construction of 6 SolShare units, 9 inverters and an upgrade of existing meter infrastructure on existing residential community properties.

Informed site inspections as a key to design outcomes for Allume Installation

Atlas Renewables site inspections highlighted limitations on space availability for the inverters and redesign would require lengthy council approval.

Our installers and project managers worked closely with City West Housing technical officer and strata to provide options such as storage cabinets and existing infrastructure on roofs to identify the most suitable solutions for performance, efficiency and without delays.

As Allume Systems need to be individually wired from panel to switch board to each residence, these changes required careful cable planning, we utilised stairwells, external cable runs or drilled core holes to stay within the requirements.

Allowing administration time for Allume Solshare’s different grid application process

All Atlas Renewables designers are trained in the Allume Solshare system as it has different operational and install requirements.

Our installers work closely with Allume in regards to commissioning to obtain the individual logins for each unit owner.

Allume requires a different grid application process, and not many Ausgrid staff are familiar with the process.

As such, the staff at Atlas Renewables work with residents, energy providers and City west Housing to walk everyone through the process.

Safety on residential housing – Brownfield

One of the sites had a 30 degree roof angle with no protection, to achieve the correct roof protection (panels being too close to the edge and meet installation requirements) the Atlas Renewables team worked with the installer and our inhouse engineers to rework the design.

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