Remondis Solar Rollout

General Information

Client: Remondis Australia
Duration: 6 months (ongoing

Atlas Renewables have been partnering with Remondis Australia for the past 6 months.

Our current scope of work is to continue a two-stage solar PV and battery installation project in Remondis facilities across Australia which complements the solar PV systems that we have already installed to offset the high loads for the sites.

Innovative no-fail commissioning solutions

Most of the Remondis facilities have generators onsite that are capable of backing up all or part of the site in the event of a blackout.

Atlas Renewables ensured the generator needs were taken into account when designing the solar PV and battery systems.

We installed automatic transfer switches at these sites to ensure anti- islanding protection in the event of a blackout.

Live-site installation on 24/7 operating facilities

Atlas Renewables worked closely with site and operations managers and stakeholders to understand the operation of each facility and ensure that installation works did not interfere with operations. Regular meetings ensured that shutdown periods during commissioning were as short as possible and outside of busy operating periods.

Furthermore, an inverter monitoring platform connected on a separate network ensured that the solar PV system was unaffected in the event of an onsite internet outage – therefore providing 24/7 visibility and generation data.

Environmental considerations

Atlas Renewables worked with suppliers/subcontractors to ensure that packaging and materials were recycled where possible.

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