Evolve Housing – Social Community Housing

General Information

Client: Evolve Housing Limited
Duration: 9 months

This project was a multi-site design and installation project of 11 separate buildings, including multiple level 2 meter upgrades, each with an individual building manager.

Atlas Renewables utilised our experience working in brownfield, residential builds and the associated challenges to successfully mitigate working on a community project.

Working with residents from various backgrounds including language and disability barriers

Energypro provide information from residents that is required for solar and can hold up a project, however it was difficult to gather as many residents had language barriers or limited movement due to disabilities. Atlas Renewables approached each resident empathetically and even using bilingual team members to translate.

We successfully managed to organise access where required and kept all stakeholders up to date. Further, we worked closely with Evolve Housing to provide extensive notice for any disruptions to residents.

Design solutions for limited space

Atlas Renewables conducted site inspections to ensure the designs were suitable and found that in some cases the proposed locations did not have adequate space for the inverters.

We proposed a change in layout to ensure all inverters had appropriate space and are accessible for maintenance resulting in minimal access requirements in future.

Mitigating ongoing monitoring issues

As the systems were based on individuals wifi, the solar monitoring disconnected when residents moved out. We set up 4G routers and connected all solar systems to ensure access even when residents changed providers.

This allows us to perform fault and performance reviews.

Relevant Features