Oran Park Montessori Academy – 50kW Rooftop PV

General Information

Site Address: 102 Oran Park Drive, Oran Park NSW 2570
Type: Childcare
Daily Energy Usage: 800 kWh

Site Description

  • Montessori is a leading childcare provider, opening yet another quality facility located on a newly developed block of land.
  • This beautifully designed building features a Klip-Lok roof, with the main loads expected to be the HVAC system and lighting.
  • Montessori Academy is environmentally conscious and are actively looking to reduce their carbon footprint as part of a larger rollout

Our Solution

  • A 50 kW Solar PV system, consisting of 156 x 320W multi-crystalline panels, sized for maximum daytime load reduction
  • Non-penetrative mounting system with 10 degree tilt frame to optimise energy yield and preserve aesthetics
  • The system is expected to reduce the sites energy bills by over 40%


Estimated Annual Savings

CO2e Reduction (p.a)
58.6 Tons

2.3 Years

Electricity Consumption Reduction (p.a.)
70.6 MWh