Power Factor Correction

Analysis and power correction to reduce energy costs

As peak demand charges become an increasing portion of commercial energy costs, reducing peak demand and power factor has become increasing attractive financially. As many electricity supply companies rollout kVA based maximum demand charges, considering ways to reduce electrical inefficiencies and improve power quality is key to a successful demand management solution.

For end users such as manufacturers, commercial buildings and light industry, the cost of poor power factor, can manifest itself through:

  • Increased electrical and demand tariffs
  • poor equipment performance
  • equipment failure or potential loss of production.
  • Infrastructure upgrades

In addition, many businesses employ a set and forget strategy when it comes to power factor correction. Power Factor equipment may have been sized for a previous business, or the electrical load may have changed significantly, rendering existing PFC equipment ineffective.

Atlas Renewables not only offers power correction services, we also analyse the effect of implementing various energy efficient options on power factor to ensure existing power factor equipment is correctly sized and balanced.

Atlas Renewables will:

  • Perform load analysis
  • Source power factor equipment
  • Project manage installation
  • Advice regarding government rebate options available
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