Monitoring & Process Optimisation

Tackle the “real low hanging fruit” through electrical monitoring

Atlas Renewables has the skills and experience to tackle the “real low hanging fruit” through electrical monitoring, often with zero capital.

We turn granular data into actionable intelligence that can yield real results within days. Monitoring can be temporary or long-term dependent upon needs.

The system is easy to install, does not require any electrical isolation and is scalable from a single circuit to 100+ circuits. Practical recommendations are often found around:

  • Air conditioning: Timers incorrect and control set points
  • Lighting left on overnight
  • Peak demand management
  • Automated usage/demand alerts
  • Unknown vampire loads
  • Hot water system timers
  • Others equipment specific

Atlas Renewables will:

  • Design a service specific to your needs to ensure best value
  • Work directly with your electrical/air-conditioning contractors to achieve results seamlessly with minimal internal resources being tied up (if desired)
  • Provide data demonstrating pre and post opportunity implementation
  • Identify inconsistencies with Air conditioning operation that can improve system longevity
  • Often identify replicable initiatives to be implemented on similar non-metered sites
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