LED Lighting Retrofits

Efficient modern lighting solutions

Lighting contributes significantly to most commercial loads and in-efficient lighting can cost customers thousands in operating expenses and significantly increase HVAC loads and maintenance costs.

LED’s, with their continuous decrease in cost and increase in efficacy and lifetime have become the new standard for energy efficient lighting.

Government rebates and incentives are available for LED and other energy efficient technologies in most states including NSW and Victoria helping reduce the initial cost and improve financial viability.

Atlas Renewables has completed many successful retrofits for clients across a variety of industry sectors and follows industry best practice guidelines for WH&S, Project Management, recycling & lighting systems design.

Atlas Renewables will:

  • Perform preliminary site inspection and analysis
  • Source a suitable LED lighting technology
  • Project manage system installation and rebate paperwork
  • Collaborate with third-party lighting auditors to ensure that the system meets national lighting requirements
  • Verify energy savings
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