Carlingford Residential – 7.8kW Solar Rooftop PV & Battery

General Information

Site Address: Carlingford, NSW 2118
Type: Residential
Daily Energy Usage: 45.6 kWh

Our Solution

  • A large residential building with large increases of electrical usage in the afternoon.
  • Daily load includes swimming pool usage.

Project Details

  • We installed a 7.8kW Solar PV system consisting of 26 x 300W Longi monocrystalline panels.
  • A 9.8kW LG RESU10H to offset peak loads and reduce night time consumption.
  • Predicted to reduce the daily electrical usage by 50%
  • Return on investment is 18.8%


Estimated Annual Savings

CO2e Reduction  (p.a)
8.01 Tonnes

5.0 Years

Electricity Consumption Reduction (kWh)

Customer Testimonial

“In the world of never-ending solar products and technologies, finally a company that sits down with you and explains it simply. George and Tony were not just knowledgeable in their respective fields but conducted themselves in my home to the highest level of professionalism. Once the appropriate product and system size was determined, the rest of the process flowed with minimal input from us. The installation process took one-day and we were generating solar energy almost immediately. I cannot talk highly enough of the team from initial phone call to post-installation customer service. I highly recommend them to anyone looking at taking the solar step to energy savings” – Case Study client