About Atlas

Our mission is not just to compete in the market, but to shape it.

Atlas Renewables is a service aggregator investing in and partnering with innovative and forward-thinking businesses in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency space.

Our expertise and plethora of quality industry contacts ensure we partner with the right experts to meet the needs of relevant stakeholders.

Our Accreditation

Atlas Renewables is proud to be an approved retailer of the Clean Energy Council. This gives customers the peace of mind that when they buy a Solar PV system from Atlas Renewables, there’s a guarantee that you are buying a quality product from a company that follows all relevant consumer protection laws and will back the operation of your solar system for a minimum of five years. Atlas Renewables involvement with the CEC ensures it follows strict requirements in pre and post-sales activities, documentation and general business practices.

You can read the Clean Energy Council’s Code of Conduct here and the Clean Energy Council’s Consumer Guide here.

Our Approach

The Renewable Energy and Energy industries are about more than solar, wind and LED lights. We believe that the 21st century will welcome not only a technology revolution, but also an energy revolution. The explosive growth of both information and renewable energy technology offers huge potential for the development of new ideas and concepts within these spaces, and a need to integrate the two to develop efficient, cost effective energy delivery and management systems and services worldwide.

Atlas Renewables searches for these technologies, market gaps and emerging trends and then looks at developing these into viable, sustainable long terms businesses through strategic partnerships and internal development by our team of industry experts.

Through service aggregation, we have been able to leverage the significant synergies that exist within the sector and are able to bring all the opportunities the sector has to offer to our clients, resulting in a comprehensive, streamlined and turnkey solution.

Finally, at Atlas we want to shake up the traditional business model by investing in the outcome of our services. By being involved in the entire process from pre-feasibility to project implementation and outcome monitoring, we are able to take the journey with our clients and develop result driven outcomes for our clients.